Chris is an extremely talented film music composer, his themes and composition are memorable, inspired and original. He's one of the best. - Bryan Adams

I worked with Chris on the Heart of a Dragon score. I was really impressed with his fortitude and style. The themes he came up with were just stellar, his orchestration, inspiring. - David Foster

Chris is a man of considerable talent who understood perfectly the emotional contours required in telling our story. He reacted musically to each beat in the film by infusing them with a powerful evocative presence. Chris understands the space between the notes as clearly as the notes themselves. - Michael French - Director - Heart of a Dragon

Chris' theme not only enhanced the comic spirit of The Foursome , but provided a musical backbone that unified the story. The serious moments were made infinitely more poignant because of his sensitive scoring while never seeming out of context in a piece that asked the audience to be moved by both the funny side of human nature as well as the real life situations that cause us to look inside ourselves. - Bill Dear - Director - The Foursome

Chris Ainscough is a pro. He beautifully enhanced each scene of Trail of the Screaming Forehead with exquisite precision, and foresaw clearly the audience reaction, which is especially difficult with comedy. He's a master of the chemistry between dialogue, visual image, music and effects. And, Chris was a pleasure to work with- I look forward to working with Chris on my next film. He makes movies better. - Lauren Taylor Swift- Producer- Trail of the Screaming Forehead

Chris delivered exactly what we needed for this film. His music is sensitive and powerful, with just the right balance for each scene, I look forward to working with him again. - Cherl Lee Fast - Producer - My Baby is Missing

Chris is able to offer a producer exactly what he/she should always be looking for--music that complements the scenes and intensifies them , whether comedy or drama. He has a keen sense of what will enhance the picture without overwhelming the viewer. - Larry Sugar - Producer/Director- Barely Cooking

Working with Chris on the score for Moving Malcolm was a truly collaborative experience.  He patiently hung in there with me in the early experimental stages, delivering what I asked for, always letting me discover for myself what did and didn't work. Later in the process, as we closed in on what we were looking for, he took my very general suggestions and came back with a beautiful, thematically-linked score that exceeded my hopes and unquestionably elevated the whole film. - Ben Ratner – Director Moving Malcolm

Chris Ainscough is simply the best – cheerful, dedicated, diligent and loaded with talent. I can hardly wait to work with him again. - Michaelin McDermott  - Director - Light - More Than Meets the Eye

Your music really makes this show, and I look forward to working with you again. It has been a real pleasure. - John Ketcham – Director - I Accuse

With Five features to our credit, Chris Ainscough has consistently proven to be a composer of no boundaries. He has consistently surprised and impressed us, in each genre that we have worked in; comedy, drama and thriller. There is no end to his great attitude, passion and ability to perform, excite and deliver! - Gavin Wilding – Director/Producer- Spliced , Convergence , Christina's House

Chris made music that folded into the film seamlessly, and accentuated everything I love about this movie. His score dances with the nature of the story and its humor. For  ‘Suddenly Naked’ Chris contributed not only his considerable talent and skill, but his sensitivity and his marvelous sense of humor. - Anne Wheeler – Director/Producer- Suddenly Naked

I’m probably a composers worst nightmare because of my self-proclaimed knowledge of music, but Chris met every challenge I gave him and created sounds that I still have no idea how he made them. - Raul Sanchez-Ingles - Director/Writer The Falling

I’ve thrown Chris all over the map- the epic world of the Roman era, the jazzy comedy of Andrew Dice Clay, a science-fiction time-warp, a child’s tongue-in-cheek nightmare, and even a sexy late-night TV scene-and the product he’s delivered has always been top-of-the-line. - Jon Rosenbaum-Director &(past V.P.Production - Pearson Television)

Chris has a refreshing approach to music. He is a master of experimentation and blessed with the ability to listen. He gave me loads of creative options from various different musical genres. - Steve Rosenburg-Director - Watching Mrs. Pomerantz

Ainscough has the ability to follow direction but still turn out music that is original and uniquely his own. - Don Paonessa- Producer of Post Production, Highlander the Series